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Hearing Tests in Washington

Rainier Hearing offers comprehensive hearing tests in Bellingham, Everett, and Bellevue, WA, to identify the type and severity of hearing loss you have. An up-to-date hearing test is necessary to determine if you could be helped by hearing aids and what the cause of your hearing loss is.

The hearing test is quick, easy, and painless. We will always begin with a conversation to better understand what your hearing needs are and if you have any concerns or questions. Then we will look inside your ears using an otoscope to determine the ear canal and eardrum are healthy and free of earwax.

Once we’ve determined your ears are clear, then we will have you sit in a soundproof booth with a pair of headphones on. You will listen for a series of sounds that vary in loudness and pitch. The purpose of this is to determine what frequency of sounds you are having difficulty hearing, which will show us your degree of loss. We will also perform a speech comprehension test to determine if your hearing loss has affected your ability to discern certain words in a conversation.

Your Audiogram

The results of your hearing test will be recorded on an audiogram. There are different degrees of hearing loss: mild, moderate, moderately severe, severe or profound. If you have any questions our hearing specialist will answer them and guide you towards your best next steps.

If you already had your hearing tested somewhere else, we ask that you bring your audiogram with you to your appointment. We will review your audiogram and if needed we may test your hearing again to compare the results. Otherwise, we will move forward with the hearing aid process based on your audiogram. If you haven’t had your hearing tested prior to coming in, then we can perform a hearing test in the office.

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