Mature man with assistive listening devices to help him hear clearly

Assistive Listening Devices

Sometimes you need a little extra assistance to hear in particular environments. At Rainier Hearing, we carry a wide variety of assistive listening devices (ALDs) and hearing aid accessories to help you hear clearly and with confidence. ALDs work together with hearing aids to help you hear better in challenging environments where it can get noisy or where sound may bounce around, such as a conference room, lecture hall, or restaurant. Some ALDs we carry include:

  • Hearing loops
  • FM systems
  • Infrared systems
  • Personal amplified systems
  • Bluetooth systems
  • Captioned telephones
  • Alarms

If you are interested in an assistive listening device, please contact us.

Hearing Aid Accessories

In addition to our wide selection of hearing aids for sale, we also carry hearing aid accessories. Accessories for hearing aids can make your listening experience easier, and depending on the type of accessory, are necessary for the longevity of your hearing aids. Some accessories we carry include but are not limited to:

  • Portable chargers for rechargeable hearing aids
  • Hearing aid batteries
  • Hearing aid carrying cases
  • Hearing aid dryers and dehumidifiers
  • Hearing aid clips and cords
  • Hearing aid covers and cases
  • Cleaning tools
  • And more!

No matter what kind of tool or accessory you need for your hearing aids, we can help you.

Caption Call logo


If you have hearing loss, then you know how difficult conversations over the phone can be. At Rainier Hearing, we offer CaptionCall – a phone service that not only amplifies the call, but also has a screen where you can read what the other person is saying. These phones provide real-time captions so you can easily follow the conversation. CaptionCall is a great safety feature for anyone experiencing hearing loss.

Depending on your degree of hearing loss, CaptionCall is often free. To learn more about getting a CaptionCall phone, please contact us directly.