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5 Tips for Better Hearing

Hearing loss doesn’t only affect our ability to hear clearly, it also affects how we communicate with other people. Hearing loss makes it difficult to hear the conversation, especially if there is more than one speaker or there is background noise present.

With the holidays quickly approaching, you don’t want to miss the voices of your loved ones. You want to hear the conversation around the dinner table, or the laughter of your grandchildren over a video call. Don’t let hearing loss prevent you from communicating with your friends and family this season. Check out these tips for better hearing and communication so you can enjoy every moment.

Tips for Better Hearing & Communication

  1. Talk to the host beforehand. Talk to the host before and tell them about your hearing loss and your concerns. Be sure to speak with them in advance so they have enough time to make an accommodation if needed. They will most likely be more than happy to help.
  2. Find a good seat. When sitting at the dinner table, choose a spot that gives you the best view of everyone’s face. The more people you can see while sitting at the dinner table the better you will do. Seeing everyone’s face will help you to better understand what they are saying.
  3. Ask people to repeat themselves. If you can’t understand what someone said, ask them to repeat themselves. It’s better to have someone repeat themselves than to mishear information.
  4. Ask to slow down the conversation. If people are talking too fast, it’s okay to ask them to slow down so you can better understand them.
  5. Wear hearing aids. If you have hearing aids, be sure to wear them this holiday season. Hearing aids will help you communicate better and will make it easier for you to understand the conversation around you.

The Importance of Hearing Better

Your hearing is an important part of who you are. Hearing allows you to communicate with your friends and family and be apart of the conversation. Don’t let hearing loss keep you from hearing what matters to you.

Hearing aids are a great solution. Today’s hearing aids will help you hear the conversation, communicate with your loved ones, and feel engaged this holiday season. Hearing aids now offer advanced features to help you hear. They can automatically adjust to your environment, filter between background noise and the person speaking, and many even have Bluetooth connectivity. Whether you are sitting around the dinner table with family or you are video chatting with relatives, hearing aids will help you hear every moment that matters.

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